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3 People Face Federal Charges for Teen Overdose



    (Published Tuesday, May 6, 2014)

    Three people are facing federal charges for distributing a synthetic drug which killed a Frisco teen.

    15-year-old Montana Brown died on December 14 after he overdosed on a drug known as the "N-bomb."

    Kai Wen Tan, Stephanie King and Stephen Wagner are facing charges. Brown’s family said Wagner was a friend of the teen's.

    With news of the arrests, there isn't any closure for the family, who thinks of Brown constantly. "Probably like around 10 times a day usually it's in the mornings," said his older brother Jack.

    Montana was well-liked, an all-star, a good student.

    "He was so well liked, he was so loved, he had so much going for him," said his father, Eric.

    Montana's pictures fill a mantel in the living room. His memories fill the house, but his final moments haunt his brother. Jack was there when the overdose happened.

    "He started convulsing, we called the police, and then they came, and then Montana died right there," said Jack pointing behind the couch, in the house's living room.

    The teens' father says there's no closure because the drug that killed Montana is still out on the streets.

    "As long as there's no awareness of this, this will continue to happen," he said. "This is my kid, this is what happened to him, and this can happen to you, you need to be aware of this stuff."

    As of this story, we are still working to find out a court date for the three charged.