Full coverage of the shootings at the midnight showing of "The Dark Knight Rises" in Aurora, Colo.

27-Hour "Dark Knight Rises" Marathon Continues with Few Changes at Fort Worth IMAX

People still showing up in droves at Fort Worth Museum of Science and History to see movie Friday.

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    The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History is showing the "Dark Knight Rises" on its IMAX screen for 27 hours straight, and moviegoers say they feel safe. (Published Friday, July 20, 2012)

    The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History made very few changes following the massacre at a Colorado movie theater.

    They've already got their own security detail roaming the lobby and they hired a Fort Worth Police officer to deal with crowd control during their 27-hour "Dark Knight Rises" movie marathon.  This was all planned well in advance, not a reaction to the tragedy.

    The museum had some fun planned and most of that is still happening including an appearance from someone dressed as Batman, the Bat signal on the side of the building and encouraging people to dress up as movie characters.

    Some other events planned were scratched in light of the tragedy in Colorado.

    "We were going to have some fire performers in the parking lot," said Philip Gonzalez of the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.  "We've asked them to come back another time. It's one of those things where a few things have been toned down but not a lot."

    Moviegoers we talked to said they didn't give a thought to not going to see it Friday.  They said they feel safe at the IMAX and weren't going to let a random tragedy keep them from living their lives.

    "I'm still going to enjoy the movie as if nothing happened," said David Brian who was in line with his parents. "I feel sorry for the people that had that happen to them but it's not going to affect my enjoyment for watching the movie."