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$250,000 Winners Megaply Their Way to $1 Million

5 numbers matched - mega ball + megaplier (4) = $1 Million



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    It pays to Megaply!

    The Texas Lottery Commission wants everyone to know it pays to Megaply.

    Of course, they want everyone to Megaply every time they play (after all it's an extra buck for each player!), but now they're giving people a million reasons to megaply.

    While the massive Mega Millions jackpot went to two winners in New York and California, two Texans also took home some major dough.

    Kanokphorn Devore of Dallas and Ronald Vigil of Bastrop matched all five numbers drawn, but missed the Mega Ball, thus missing out on the giant jackpot. Don't feel too sorry for them -- they only got a $250,000 prize.

    But here's the real reason to envy them. Both paid for the Megaplier and because it was four, their $250,000 prize turned into a $1 million payday.

    Devore’s ticket came from a self-service terminal at the Kroger on 3939 Frankford Road in Dallas, while Vigil purchased his ticket at the Sac N Pac at 1525 Highway 71 West in Cedar Creek.

    Tuesday's Mega Millions jackpot is worth an estimated $12 million.

    But you may be better off with Lotto Texas. Wednesday's jackpot is worth an estimated $45 million.