20 Cars Pulled From Trinity River Now at Dallas Impound

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    Police are trying to figure out how 20 cars ended up in the Trinity River as the vehicles continue to dry off at the Dallas impound lot. (Published Friday, Oct. 25, 2013)

    The Dallas Police Department pulled 20 vehicles from the Trinity River.

    Officers found out about the cars after construction crews working on a dam project discovered them near the 1600 block of California Crossing Road.

    The location is a notorious spot where thieves dump stolen cars in the river.

    "At this time 10 vehicles have been identified as stolen," said Senior Corporal Demarquis Black of the Dallas Police Department. "The oldest was reported stolen in 1987; the latest was reported stolen in 2007." 

    Nissan, Ford and Lexus makes were among the vehicles recovered.

    Chopper 5 also spotted several sport utility vehicles and pick-up trucks.

    All vehicles are now at the Dallas impount lot as police continue to investigate.