2 Prosper HS Students Appear in Court

17-year-old also arraigned, released from jail

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    Garrick White, one of five Prosper High School students charged in connection with a sexual assault, has been arraigned and released from jail on bond.

    Two juveniles accused in a sexual assault scandal in Prosper made their first court appearance before a judge Tuesday while another juvenile also charged in the case waived his right to a hearing.

    Police have not released the boys' names because they are juveniles. Two juveniles and two 17-year-olds, Garrick White and Darius McClinton-Hunter, are charged with sexual assault of a child. Another juvenile is charged with unlawful restraint.

    Prosecutors said in the hearing for the juveniles that a group of students had a club in which they drugged girls to have sex with them, the Dallas Morning News reported.

    One of the juveniles allegedly helped drag a girl into a closet, where she was forced to perform oral sex on McClinton-Hunter, the newspaper reported. The defense said the girl willingly went into the closet and had consensual sex with another boy, the paper reported.

    McClinton-Hunter Free on Bond

    [DFW] McClinton-Hunter Free on Bond
    While 17-year-old Darius McClinton-Hunter got out of jail on bond Monday, two juveniles accused in a sexual assault scandal at Prosper High School made their first court appearance before a judge Tuesday. A third waived his right to a hearing. The fifth teenager charged in the case, 17-year-old Garrick White, was arraigned Tuesday.

    White was also in court Tuesday, when he was arraigned by video conference. A Collin County judge explained the charge against him and asked if he had any questions.

    White quietly answered, "No, sir."

    White's bond was set at $15,000, the same as the bond for his co-defendants. White posted bond Tuesday evening and was released.

    McClinton-Hunter was released just hours after he was arrested Monday.

    White and McClinton-Hunter are both football players for the Prosper Eagles.

    McClinton-Hunter is the son of Los Angeles Angels outfielder Torii Hunter, who has been placed on the team's restricted list for personal reasons.

    McClinton-Hunter's attorney, Todd Shapiro, told NBC 5 by phone that he would meet with his client's family Tuesday.

    "We were stunned by these accusations, disappointed by the way it was handled, but completely confident that the facts will prove Darius's innocence," he said in a statement later Tuesday. "He, as well as his family, looks forward to having the opportunity to clear his name at the appropriate time."

    At Prosper High School, students wore green to show their solidarity in the wake of the scandal.

    Administrators said students in a situation such as this would typically be suspended pending the outcome of the investigation.

    NBC 5's Omar Villafranca contributed to this report.