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10-Year-Old Boy Describes How He Survived Tornado



    (Published Friday, May 17, 2013)

    A 10-year-old boy recalls how he survived the EF-4 tornado that damaged numerous homes in Granbury.

    One of those homes came crashing down around Joseph Youngblood, 10, who huddled with his friend's family inside their bathroom - the only room in the house not ripped from its foundation.

    "I just ran in the bathroom and started, I got down and covered my head," said Youngblood, who is now at a Red Cross shelter.
    Youngblood was at his friend's home playing in the yard at about 8 p.m. Wednesday when the skies started to change.
    "We started hearing the tornado sirens go off and then we look up at the clouds and we see the tornado twisting, so we all rushed in the bathroom," Youngblood said.
    Youngblood and five other people huddled together inside the bathroom while the tornado barreled down upon them. At the time, the boy said he did not even mind that he was cowered over a cat's litter box.
    "I just went and ducked somewhere. I didn't even care. I was so scared," Youngblood said.
    As the wind started howling and the house started to come apart around them, Youngblood said his friend's father struggled to keep the bathroom door closed.
    "[The tornado] was starting to get more power and then he was, like, barely hanging on because the tornado was about to suck him outside," Youngblood said.
    After the storm passed the bathroom door, once barely kept closed, would not open.  Debris from the collapsed home kept the door wedged shut, Youngblood told NBC 5.
    A cellphone call to 911 soon brought firefighters with axes to free them.
    Youngblood was reunited with his immediate family hours later. His family was home at the time of the storm.