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The Market Street Price of Medicine is Free

"Free to Feel Better" program provides commonly used antibiotics, prenatal vitams for free



    Pharmacies at Market Street Grocery stores are giving away antibiotics and prenatal vitamins.

    Pharmacies at one North Texas grocery store chain are giving away antibiotics and prenatal vitamins.

    The Free to Feel Better program at Market Street Grocery stores offers the most commonly used antibiotics and a year's supply of prenatal vitamins for free.

    Free to Feel Better

    [DFW] Free to Feel Better
    grocery pharmacy many customers are getting their medication free of charge.
    (Published Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2009)

    "There is no catch," said Market Street pharmacist Bob Abbot.  "This is our gift to this area."

    He said the company is running the program because it's "the right thing to do."

    "People were hurting in this time, so any way we can roll out and help with something like this, this is a good program," Abbot said.

    Market Street started the program two years ago in its Lubbock stores. The company has since extended it to all of its six stores in North Texas.

    To qualify, customers need a  prescription from their doctor for one of the medications the program covers.

    Repeat customer and mother-to-be Brandy Lynn McBride gets her prenatal vitamins through the program.

    "They're working great," she said. "They're helping the baby to grow. I'm actually in the beginning of my six months."

    McBride said she is probably saving "tons of money."

    So far, it's been a hit with customers.

    "I was a little bit awestruck," shopper Martha Bellomy said. "I couldn't believe that a company is willing to do this for free."

    "It's a blessing just to know that this store is doing it, and that we don't have to pay, and they're helping us to support and get it done," McBride said.