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Texas Abortion Law Sparks Anger, Resignation

Doctors must conduct a sonogram 24 hours before performing an abortion



    Doctors and clinic administrators say women are reacting to Texas' new abortion law in different ways.

    The law, which went into full effect last month, requires that women seeking abortions hear their doctors describe the fetus' development during a sonogram and then wait 24 hours before undergoing the procedure. They must also be given the option of seeing the fetus' image and hear the heartbeat.

    Clinics say most women appear resigned to the requirements, though there have been some patients who have shed tears, become angry or just tried to tune out their doctors.

    Supporters say the new law ensures that women will make an informed decision before undergoing an abortion, and they predict abortion numbers will drop as a result.

    Doctors say the state is infringing on their rights and is placing an undue burden on pregnant women.