Have a Happy Sniffle-Free Thanksgiving

Flu cases could spike over holidays, experts say

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    As North Texans gather to celebrate Thanksgiving, they could be spreading a little more than holiday cheer, health officials said.

    "We do usually see each year a little increase in the flu rate after there’s been family gatherings like Thanksgiving," said Ann Salyer-Caldwell with Tarrant County Public Health.
    The Centers For Disease Control are making sure airports around the country have signs posted reminding travelers to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer. 

    Swine Flu Cases Could Spike Over Holidays

    [DFW] Swine Flu Cases Could Spike Over Holidays
    As North Texans prepare for Thanksgiving, they could be spreading a little more than just some holiday cheer. (Published Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2009)

    The Tarrant County Health Department warned that swine flu, as well as the seasonal flu season, remain in full swing.
    "As of now we do have fewer cases than we had back in October, of course that’s the catch to the flu -- it comes in waves," said Salyer-Caldwell.
    Knowing this, many North Texans said they are changing their Thanksgiving traditions a little.
    "My wife has put out a large number of those small little alcohol-based kind of hand cleaners," said Cary Branscum of North Richland Hills.
    This holiday season some are choosing to stay safer rather than sorry as they hope to stay healthy.

    "If we are any where feeling sick ourselves we just stay home. That way we don’t make anyone else sick and we’re hoping that people are doing the same," said Ginger Ward from North Richland Hills.
    Ward said she's even passing on Black Friday shopping.
    "I know that people are going to go for the sales even if they’re sick so I'm going to stay at home," she said.