Royal Wedding Inspires Weight Loss Challenge

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    The upcoming royal wedding in England is inspiring some North Texans to get back to their wedding weight. Members of the weight loss group, Slimming World, are giving themselves until April 29 -- Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding date -- to get back into their wedding dress.

    "I think the goal here is not really how much they weigh and can they really get in that dress. I think it's more of the thought of, I could be that person again, if I tried," said weight loss consultant Sonja Kabell, of Plano.

    Royal Wedding Inspires Weight-Loss Challenge

    [DFW] Royal Wedding Inspires Weight-Loss Challenge
    North Texans are setting a deadline to slim down to their wedding weight. (Published Wednesday, Feb. 16, 2011)

    Kabell gained 52 pounds after her wedding 14 years ago. She's lost most of the weight and has just 12 more pounds to go.

    Alma Hall also is taking on the Royal Wedding Challenge. After her wedding, she gained more than 70 pounds but has since put aside her old pants. She's now within about 15 pounds of her wedding weight.

    "It doesn't have to be one of those things that's just a story book. It could be something that we still aspire to do, no matter what age we are," said Hall, of Flower Mound.

    Slimming World consultants are focusing on food to help members shed the pounds.

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    "What we teach our members, basically, is how do I go to the grocery store? What do I pick? What do I buy? How do I take that home? How do I prepare that food that's lower calories, lower fat?" said Kabell.

    Slimming World was founded in the United Kingdom. Members have about two and a half months to slim down to their wedding weight.

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