Promising News in Battle Against Breast Cancer

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    Officials with Susan G Komen for the Cure say a new study that found there are four main types of breast cancer is a big step towards finding a cure. (Published Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2012)

    Officials with Susan G Komen for the Cure say the latest research in the battle against breast cancer is a big step towards a cure.

    Using genetic research, a government study found that there are 4 main types of breast cancer.

    Researchers with Dallas-based Komen say the information can help doctors formulate specific treatments for breast cancer patients.

    The study also suggested that certain types of the cancer could be treated with drugs already on the market.

    Chandini Portteus, Vice President of Research, Evaluation and Scientific Programs with Komen says the information might also help with certain aggressive forms of breast cancer.

    "We haven't seen wins is some of those aggressive, hard to treat cancers," Portteus said. "What this study does is it finally give us a window into how those cancers behave, and our hope is really, is that we move on and ask questions for those women struggling with those kinds of cancers and we find treatments that will work for them."

    Portteus says that while the research is promising, clinical trials are still needed. She added that the information might be used and implemented in doctor’s offices in 5 to 10 years.

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