Parent Pushes for Meningitis Vaccinations

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    Four years after her daughter's death, Tammy Futterman is not at peace.

    Her daughter, Rachel, was an avid swimmer from Plano, who left friends and family to attend the University of South Florida and dreamt of becoming a lawyer.

    Parent Pushes for Meningitis Vaccinations

    [DFW] Parent Pushes for Meningitis Vaccinations
    Mother of meningitis victim stresses need for vaccinations. (Published Sunday, Aug. 14, 2011)

    At 19, Rachel contracted Bacterial Meningitis and died.

    Since then her family has vowed to get the story out and bring awareness about the dangers of the disease.

    Meningitis Victim: "It's Amazing How Fast It Can Happen"

    [DFW] Meningitis Victim: "It's Amazing How Fast It Can Happen"
    Jamie Schanbaum, who inspired a state law requiring meningitis vaccinations for college students, talks about how she contracted the bacteria while living on-campus at University of Texas at Austin. (Published Wednesday, Aug. 3, 2011)

    Rachel, who was away at school, was not vaccinated against the disease. Her mother, Tammy, says it was because her school did not require students to get vaccinated from the disease.
    Now Tammy Futterman is working hard to stress the importance of getting teens and young adults vaccinated.

    "Hindsight was 20/20," Futterman said, "You can go by the odds, what are the chances of your child not getting it, but, in our house, it was a hundred percent."

    Jamie's Law Expanded After Death of A&M Student

    [DFW] Jamie's Law Expanded After Death of A&M Student
    State Sen. Wendy Davis talks about the expansion of a Texas law that now requires all college students to be immunized for meningitis. (Published Wednesday, Aug. 3, 2011)

    Tammy is sharing Rachel's story through social media and other outlets to inspired changes in policy. Rachel's school, the University of South Florida, now makes vaccinations a requirement to for students who live on campus.

    Students living off-campus, however, are not required to be vaccinated. Tammy hopes that will change. She hopes fighting to get tougher vaccination laws against Bacteria Meningitis will help save other lives.

    The family has also helped to save lives by donating Rachel's organs to seven different people.

    For more information on Meningitis and vaccinations, visit the National Meningitis Association website by clicking here. Also visit Vaccines For Teens for information on other vaccinations for teenagers.