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    After years of trying every different diet on the planet, a North Texas mom has found one that stuck. But she's not keeping the new eating plan all to herself, she's taken to YouTube to share it with the world.

    Before finding this new plan, Laurel Wright said she was ready to throw in the towel. "Well, I’ll tell you, I had given up! I decided that I am who I am, I have a good personality, if you like me you can take me as I am, if you like me fat that's good cause that's who I’m going to be because I really didn't have any hope," she said.

    Then, in February, Wright tried a plan called slimming world. "It’s changed my brain, it's changed the way I think about food," Wright said.

    Wright said the weight management organization makes her maintain a healthy weight by staying accountable. Wright basically eats nothing but real food, fresh fruit, veggies, protein and carbohydrates.

    Dieting And Helping Others Through YouTube

    [DFW] Dieting And Helping Others Through YouTube
    After years of trying to lose weight, Laurel Wright found a diet that stuck and now she's sharing her success with the world through a blog and YouTube videos.

    Now, she's letting everyone know about it through her YouTube videos and personal blog. Laurel calls the technique “hauling.” She shows the world everything she buys so they can try it themselves.

    “When I hear stories from people who follow me from around the world literally, I can get so encouraged myself," Wright said.

    Encouraged to keep up her online antics, and encouraged to continue her healthy eating plan. Laurel has lost 72 pounds just by changing her eating habits and now she says her New Year's resolution is to start doing some exercise.

    To read her blog and see her videos, click here