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Identical Twins With Identical Career Goals

Teen Twins Get Scholarship With Experience

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    The Perez sisters are identical twins with identical career goals and thanks to a local hospital, they're getting hands-on experience and a free ride to school.

    Alexandra and Elizabeth Perez are a part of the Texas Health Youth Prodigy Program. More than 300 students applied, but only 25 were chosen. As a part of the program, the Perez sisters are getting hands on nursing experience, and a full scholarship for college.

    North Texas Twins Pursue Nursing

    [DFW] North Texas Twins Pursue Nursing
    Alexandra and Elizabeth Perez are identical twins with identical scholarships and career goals. (Published Thursday, Oct. 21, 2010)

    As long as they continue with the program, they'll continue getting free tuition. The girls say they’re not thinking about being at Texas Health Arlington in terms of semesters, rather years.

    "I hope to be here until I become a nurse and after. I love it here, I love the E.R. and it's just the teamwork, everyone here is friendly and every day I’m learning something new," Elizabeth Perez said.

    Texas Health System has been sponsoring the prodigy program for 4 years. Administrators say the program has been responsible for creating several new employees after graduation.

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