Hundreds of Students Sick, Virus Sweeps Through School

Stomach virus is spreading at Carroll Elementary in Frisco

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    A nasty stomach flu has been sweeping through Carroll Elementary in Frisco. Friday nearly 350 kids stayed home, either sick or as a precaution. (Published Friday, May 18, 2012)

    Hundreds of North Texas students are beginning a 3-day weekend, but it’s not one they’re going to enjoy.

    A nasty stomach flu has been sweeping through Carroll Elementary in Frisco. Friday nearly 350 kids stayed home, either sick or as a precaution.

    Stomach Virus Sickens 120 Elementary Students

    [DFW] Stomach Virus Sickens 120 Elementary Students

    Carroll Elementary students say some classes are mostly empty because of a stomach virus. (Published Thursday, May 10, 2012)

    The principal doesn’t know exactly what the virus is, but does know it spreads quickly and hits hard.

    “I was throwing up a lot,” said Carroll Elementary student Charles Daniels.

    Daniels is back to school Friday. He was home sick battling a bad stomach virus and he’s not alone.

    The contagious illness has been sweeping through the school since Wednesday. It started in the Kinder-1st grade area, and didn’t stop there.

    Wednesday around 60 students were absent, that number grew to 170 on Thursday, and nearly doubled again on Friday.
    Staff and students are experiencing diarrhea, stomach cramps, and vomiting.
    “I saw someone throw up,” says one little girl. “There was throw up everywhere on the floor,” said Jaden Hill, who is a 3rd grade student.
    The school nurse got bitten by the bug. Substitutes are stepping in for sick teachers. The staff that’s left is spread thin. The virus is quickly taking its toll on kids.

     "We’re helping them and cleaning up the floors as fast as we can,” said Principal Melissa Longfellow.
    Cleaning crews have been sanitizing surfaces. The health department is not recommending closing the school, because the 24-hour virus seems to be running its course.

    The health department adds it’s best to keep kids home if they appear to be sick, and wash their hands and surfaces frequently to prevent the virus from spreading.
    The district said 244 kids stayed home on Friday as a precaution.

    Other parents are taking a chance.

    “I don’t think I’m going to protect them by keeping them home. If they became exposed to it, they became exposed yesterday when they were here,” said father Joel Mack.
    There will be a thorough cleaning over the weekend. Longfellow hopes it will be a fresh and virus-free start on Monday.