Frisco Teen Shapes Up This Summer

Teen shares her summer weight loss secrets

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    Alyx Hoge has struggled with her weight, but she's fighting the battle of the bulge over the summer.

    A child can gain up to three times more weight during the summer months according to a Reuters study, but one North Texas teen is bucking the trend and sharing her secret.

    For five years, Alyx Hoge has struggled with her weight.

    Teen Shares Her Summer Weight-Loss Secrets

    [DFW] Teen Shares Her Summer Weight-Loss Secrets
    Alyx Hoge has struggled with her weight, but this summer she's bucking the trend and sharing her secret to weight loss. (Published Monday, June 28, 2010)

    "It wasn't just the way I looked," she said. "I really felt like I wasn't active enough -- I couldn't run as fast as anyone that I knew. I kind of felt awkward, and I wasn't very confident."

    This summer, Hoge is changing that. She started a healthy living plan and so far, she's lost 21 pounds.

    Yvonne Sanders with Slimming World is helping Hoge.

    "Food and inactivity combined are the things that are causing the obesity epidemic in children that we have," she said.

    Sanders said parents should get rid of the chips and cookies and stock their home with fresh fruit, veggies and meat. Hoge said the changes are easy.

    "It’s not hard to stick to," she said. "It's real food -- you can eat what you want, mostly. And if I need something like chocolate, I just say, 'I’m going to have some chocolate today.'"

    The other part of the equation is exercise. Sanders said it's easy for kids to spend an entire day in front of the TV or computer, so it's important for parents to get involved in helping their kids stay active.

    Hoge said her whole family is now living healthier, and it's a lifestyle change they're keeping for good.

    "It feels great," she said. "I run faster, I talk easier, (and) I’m more confident."