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Denton Woman Elects Preventative Double Mastectomy



    (Published Tuesday, May 14, 2013)

    A Denton woman chose preventative surgery after seeing relatives live with breast cancer.

    Genetic testing for breast cancer has recently drawn media attention since actress Angelina Jolie wrote her personal story for the New York Times about electing a double mastectomy after genetic testing results classified her as a high risk case of developing breast cancer.

    Marilyn Mitchell of Denton chose a double mastectomy. And like Jolie, Mitchell hopes her story inspires other women to investigate their options.

    Mitchell had both breasts removed three months ago, right before her 40th birthday.
    "I thought about for years and years probably for easily 16 years now," says Mitchell.
    Her second reconstructive surgery was only three weeks ago. But within days, Mitchell was back to work at the dive shop she and her husband own.
    "I haven't had any problems, I've been fine really about after day two I was fine. More comfortable than I was before" says Mitchell.
    Unlike Jolie, who tested positive for the breast cancer gene, Mitchell’s test came back negative. But she went ahead with the surgery anyway.
    "I just wish I would've done it sooner is the only thing" says Mitchell. "It was just such a huge concern. The other big thing is I had very dense breasts and that increases the chances, it’s harder to find it."
    Breast cancer took her mother’s life, along with seven other family members - and now another relative is living with breast cancer.
    "I would definitely say if you have any kind of family history of it, you definitely need to look into it," says Mitchell.