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Chimp Attack Victim's Parents Call Son's Survival a "Miracle"

Andrew Oberle remains in critical condition



    The UTSA student injured in South Africa by chimpanzees is in critical but stable condition. His parents say it is a miracle he survived and are thanking doctors for saving his life.

    The parents of the American student mauled by two chimps in South Africa last week called their son's survival a "miracle" and thanked doctors for their work.

    The statement on Friday said Andrew Oberle was stable but remains in critical condition.

    UTSA Grad Student Attacked by Chimps Improving

    [DFW] UTSA Grad Student Attacked by Chimps Improving
    A UTSA anthropology graduate student who was attacked by chimps is slowly improving in a South African hospital.

    A hospital spokeswoman Martina Nicholson told The Associated Press the hospital will not release any information about the victim. His parents say they might release further statements.

    Oberle was transferred to a Johannesburg hospital on Thursday after being treated in eastern South Africa where he was injured June 28.

    Texas Grad Student Attacked by Chimpanzees

    [DFW] Texas Grad Student Attacked by Chimpanzees
    A University of Texas at San Antonio graduate student is in critical condition after two chimpanzees attacked him at a sanctuary in South Africa.

    Oberle was mauled by two adult chimps in a South African chimp sanctuary where he was doing research. A state investigator says Oberle lost fingers and sustained head and other injuries.