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Breast Cancer Survivors Form Choir

A special group of women will motive the crowd at the Denton Race for the Cure on Saturday.



    (Published Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2012)

    A North Texas choir made up of breast cancer survivors is warming up for its debut performance at the Denton Race for the Cure on Saturday.

    "Our first performance is Saturday. I can't believe it!" said breast cancer survivor Jan Marshall.

    As the women practice, their routine is more than the notes they hit. It's about a journey that each of them has been through. Marshall came up with the idea for the survivor choir.

    "We can sing and laugh and enjoy life again. Even though, at the time you are going through it, you don't think you ever will," Marshall said.

    The survivor choir started practicing just a few weeks ago; however, they are bonded by similar stories and a knack for music.

    Jan Burkhalter is the choir director. She was diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant and said music helped her heal.

    "When I was going through my treatments and all that stuff, this place right here [the church] was my second home. I would come and sit and play the piano and try to sing as much as I could," Burkhalter said.

    It was music that gave the choir members strength and continues to push them forward.

    "There is life after breast cancer," Marshall said. 

    NBC 5 is a proud sponsor of the Denton Race for the Cure at South Lakes Park on Saturday.

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