Baylor Hospital Performs Record Number of Heart Transplants

Five patients received transplants over Christmas weekend

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    Baylor Hospital said its doctors performed a record number of heart transplants over the Christmas weekend. (Published Thursday, Dec. 27, 2012)

    Doctors at Baylor Medical Center performed a record number of heart transplants over the weekend.

    Sixty-seven-year-old Sandra Lee is walking in the Dallas hospital's hallways with the help of a new heart.

    The Caddo Mills resident is one of five patients who received heart transplants this past Christmas weekend, a record-number for the hospital.

    "One went into the operating room; another came out. It was a continuous stream," said Dr. Shelley Hall, the director of the hospital’s heart transplantation team.

    Hall said the hospital sees more donors over the holidays.

    Lee had only been on the transplant wait list for only a month. She said she received her life-saving call Friday morning.

    "We were cooking stuff and stuff ready for the holidays, for Christmas, and then I just had to stop,” she said. "I was scared and nervous because you never know what's going to happen."

    But she is a survivor. Twenty years ago this month, Lee was underwent treatment to battle breast cancer.

    "They let me listen to it (the heart) on the stethoscope, and it sounded like a freight train," she said. "It was real loud."

    Of the five patients to receive a heart this past weekend, one remains in an intensive care unit recovering from the surgery.