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Arlington Conducts More Ground Spraying

City spraying area just south of Deaver Park for three consecutive nights

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    Ground spraying in an area just south of Deaver Park will be conducted for three consecutive nights starting Thursday. (Published Friday, Aug. 31, 2012)

    Ground spraying for mosquitoes to fight West Nile virus started Thursday night in Southwest Arlington.

    The area just south of Deaver Park will be sprayed for three consecutive nights. The effort is the second time Arlington has conducted spraying this month.

    More Ground Spraying in Arlington

    [DFW] More Ground Spraying in Arlington
    Arlington begins the first of three nights of targeted ground spraying. (Published Thursday, Aug. 30, 2012)

    Deaver Park is busy at dusk, which is a prime time for mosquitoes. Parents watching a sixth-grade football team practice in the park said they spray their kids down with DEET products before practice.

    They said the team practices at dusk because it is the only time of day the kids can practice before their first game.

    "Their practices end about this time, then you're trying to go home," said Patrick Sheehan, an Arlington resident. "Or like we like to do, we go for walks at night at this time, because that's when it's the coolest."

    Arlington said the results of its ground-spraying effort in three other areas of the city last week are not yet conclusive.

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