Garden Beds Stolen in East Fort Worth

Part of a project to revitalize neighborhood

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    A group of East Fort Worth volunteers are asking for your help to find stolen garden beds that are part of a neighborhood revitalization project. (Published Monday, Aug. 13, 2012)

    A group of East Fort Worth volunteers are asking for your help to find stolen garden beds.

    The beds are part of a community garden part of a project called, "embRACE the STREET." The project is part of a larger plan to revitalize the neighborhood.

    "It's about creating the street, the area you want it to be it's a commercial corridor showing the kind of businesses that could be in empty building, a new streetscape," Debby Stein, the project organizer said.

    On Saturday, the volunteers learned that ten garden beds that they had been working on for more than a month--disappeared.

    Each four by eight foot wooden garden bed--stolen from a lot on the 28-hundred block of Race street.

    "We just couldn't believe that someone would steal from the community. You know we're coming together to try and make riverside a better place and even just thinking about it now makes me a bit sick," said project volunteer Dana Harper.

    All of the beds were custom painted by neighborhood residents and families.

    "They had their own personality on them and sort of the personality of the community and they were gone," Stein said.

    Now as the group moves on and starts from scratch, they have a simple message to whoever stole the beds.

    "Please deliver them back they mean a lot to the people who worked on them. I don't know if they are of any value to anyone else so we would just like to have them back," Stein said.

    The community garden with new beds will open to the public on the second weekend of September.