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Energy Audits Saving Homeowners Money

Denton Municipal Electric offers free energy audits to customers



    (Published Friday, Nov. 18, 2011)

    The city of Denton is helping homeowners save energy and money, and they're doing it for free.

    Denton Municipal Electric examines homes and finds small ways to make them more energy efficient, bringing big savings to homeowners.

    "Everybody that knows me knows that I am Miss Environment," Denton resident Leigh Kohnfelder said.  

    Kohnfelder wants to make her home environmentally friendly by saving energy, so she is getting help from her electric company.

    "This is something more major than replacing light bulbs and recycling," Kohnfelder said.

    She's just one of the Denton Municipal Electric's customers taking advantage of their free energy audits.

    "These energy audits show us things you wouldn't' be able to see with your own eyes," Denton Municipal Electric communications coordinator Brian Daskam said.

    Daskam said this is a great first step in making a home more energy efficient, and it will save money.

    "It can show any points of inefficiency in the house, if there's attic insulation that's needed, if there's wall insulation missing. Things like that," Daskam said.

    The electric company examines the inside and outside of homes with technology, noting the problem spots.

    "I saw where leaks were with the thermal camera. I learned where my insulation could be re-padded. Got to see inside the walls," Kohnfelder said.

    It's information to help Kohnfelder make the best use of her resources.