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Southwest Airlines Again Warns About Free Ticket Scheme on Facebook



    (Published Thursday, Jan. 31, 2013)

    For the second time this month, Dallas-based Southwest Airlines is warning people about a scheme claiming to offer two free tickets.

    The scheme is still making rounds on Facebook. When people click on the link for the purported free ticket offer, it allows the schemers to essentially hijack their Facebook account. Their account then posts the offer, appearing in their friends' Facebook feeds.

    In addition, following the instructions to get the free tickets also provides the schemers with their personal information, Southwest said.

    Any and all legitimate offers shared on Facebook by Southwest Airlines will feature the Southwest logo in the section that shows who the post is from, an airline representative told NBC 5.

    Free SWA Ticket Scheme Reappears

    [DFW] Free SWA Ticket Scheme Reappears
    Southwest Airlines says links appearing on social media that promise free tickets are not legitimate.
    (Published Friday, Jan. 4, 2013)

    The scheme isn't new. Southwest warned customers about it earlier this month. It also popped up on social media in late 2011.

    Southwest Airlines said people who have already clicked on a link for two free tickets should change the password on their Facebook account.