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Job Seekers Put Their Best Face Forward

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    Some job hunters are hoping a picture will help them make a great first impression.

    Some job hunters are hoping a picture will help them make a great first impression.

    Photographer Dawn Attebery, who has been capturing memories for her clients for four years, is now helping job seekers with professional headshots.

    "There's something about seeing what somebody looks like that's really important," she said. "It kind of bring a humanity to whatever you're doing."

    Unemployed job seekers such as Larry Rehn, who has been looking for work since April, can now get free professional headshots.  It could have cost him hundreds of dollars to hire someone to take the photographs.

    "They'll be at least two per person, and they pick the one that they want, and that one I'll do all the retouching work on," Attebery said.

    Rehn said the times of relying on just a paper resume are over.

    "It's quite different than the last time I looked for a job several years ago," he said.

    Rehn, like many other job seekers, has turned to the Internet to maximize his search.

    "It's very nice to have a headshot for that type of use, and that's exactly what I have in mind here," he said.  "And Dawn has been very kind to make that available to people like me."

    Attebery said she hopes the free service she is providing helps people get jobs in an increasingly competitive job market.

    She had to open a second session after her first photo session scheduled for later this month received so much response.

    "I want to keep this doing this as long as there's a need," Attebery said.

    Sachse First United Methodist Church is donating the space for the photo shoots. The first one is Oct. 21 from 8:45 a.m. to 1 p.m.  The second session is Nov. 18 from 8 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.

    More information: DawnMichellePhoto