Forget Uncle Sam, Sgt. Rodriguez Needs You

US Army Drill Sergeant doing double duty.

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    The U.S. Army is hoping to get new recruits during Texas Motor Speedway activities.

    U.S Army Sergeant Stephanie Rodriguez is working at Texas Motor Speedway looking for a few good men and women.

    The drill Sergeant is a triple threat, as a member of the Army, a mother, and the sole breadwinner at home.

    Forget Uncle Sam, Sgt. Rodriguez Wants You

    [DFW] Forget Uncle Sam, Sgt. Rodriguez Wants You
    Local woman is a mother, bread winner and drill sergeant (Published Friday, April 3, 2009)

    "It's a struggle, my husband is supportive and my kids are amazing. My son is my biggest fan," said Sgt. Rodriguez.

    Sgt. Rodriguez day usually begins before sun up at five in the morning and usually does not end until after eight in the evening.

    "The balance between family and work, just because I am in the Army doesn't mean I'm not a normal person. I lead a completely normal life, other than corporate America, I wear a military uniform to work everyday."

    Sgt. Rodriguez joined other personnel at Texas Motor Speedway this weekend recruiting for the Army. She said she is hoping to attract more women into the military.