Double or Nothing: Business Coach Guarantees Success

Clients sign up for six-month experiment

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    You can double your money in six months, a Plano business coach says.

    A company in Plano that helps small businesses grow is making clients a bold promise: double revenue by the end of the year.

    The company says its Rapid Success Experiment will deliver guaranteed success.

    Rapid Success Partners

    [DFW] Rapid Success Partners
    A Collin County company that helps small businesses grow is making clients a bold promise -- to double their investment by the end of the year. (Published Tuesday, Aug. 11, 2009)

    "They will make at least double their investment -- so $2,400 for a six-month program, they will make at least $4,800," said Tina Ferguson, Rapid Success Partners CEO.

    As an executive business coach, Ferguson helps clients clarify their goals, get focused and then get moving toward success.

    "The key, though, is we add inner work to the mix so that no matter what is going on -- yes, even a recession like this -- our members can feel calm and empowered," she said. "From that place, they can stay focused and in action."

    Dr. Alyssa Summey, a chiropractor, is opening a new spa in McKinney, even as her clients dwindle.

    "When you come up against a roadblock, that's really life saying, 'How bad (do) you really want it?" she said.

    Ferguson said she challenges her clients to "go big."

    "It's completely possible, but do you believe it's possible? That's what I challenge people to do, is believe in themselves," she said.

    Rapid Success Partners offers the basic steps of its six-month experiment on its Web site.