Coverage of the merger between American Airlines and US Airways

American Airlines: Time for Labor Deals Dwindling

Union workers say they were caught off guard when AMR Corp. filed for bankruptcy

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    American Airlines filed for bankruptcy protection on November 29, 2011.

    American Airlines is turning up the heat on its workers, saying it doesn't have much time to win cost-saving concessions from labor unions.

    Fort Worth-based American said Friday night it needs those deals in place in "a matter of weeks."

    AMR Corp.'s American, which filed for bankruptcy protection in November, wants to cut spending by $2 billion a year, including $1.25 billion in labor costs. It wants to cut 13,000 jobs, reduce pay and benefits, and get more productivity from workers who remain.

    Unions for pilots, flight attendants and ground workers have been making their own proposals to save money while criticizing the company's plan as too harsh.

    If there is no deal between labor and the company, American can ask a bankruptcy judge to impose the company's demands.

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