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AA, Pilot's Union Close to Deal: Sources Say



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    Deal may be ready Friday.

    The Alllied Pilots Association says that over the last couple of days there have been "some significant moves" with American Airlines at the bargaining table. 

    In fact, the union leadership believes they may have some details of a potential deal ready to send out to members on Friday.
    Greg Overmann, a union spokesperson, said, "We are continuing to bargain. We are hard after it, and our goal is to get a deal done soon."
    All of this comes after what one union official described as, an "emergency summit meeting" over the weekend, involving union leaders and AMR CEO Gerard Arpey.
    The union describes that meeting as a "very frank discussion" about the company's situation and the negotiations with the pilots.  Bankruptcy rumors and AMR's upcoming 3Q earnings release next week seem to be motivating both sides to pick up the pace of the conversations.
    Over the last several weeks, both sides have been meeting at an undisclosed location in Texas, to see if they could make progress. 
    The union has called it's board of directors back to town early this weekend (in advance of a meeting planned for next week). 

    The board will be in Fort Worth Saturday to examine the details of a deal, if one is reached between now and then, or to get an update on the progress.

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