Loud Noise Prompts Lock Down at Two Schools

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    A loud noise prompted a scare at two Birdville Independent School District campuses Tuesday morning.

    According to the district, North Richland Middle School and Snow Heights Elementary were briefly placed on lock down after an unidentified loud noise was heard outside of the middle school.

    The district put the following statement on their website while the schools, and surrounding area, were searched by police.

    "There was a reported unidentified loud noise outside North Richland Middle School. Because we do not know the nature of the sound, North Richland Middle School and Snow Heights Elementary have been placed in a lock down as a precaution. All students and staff on both campuses are safe."

    After the search, the source of the sound was found and determined to not be a threat.

    "Both Snow Heights Elementary and North Richland Middle School are out of lock down. All students and staff are safe. The police department identified the sound outside of the campus and reported to BISD there was no criminal activity."

    Officials have not determined what the loud noise was, but did say they were confident the sounds were not gunshots.