Peppermint Extract Leads to Hazmat Response at Dallas High School

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    Emmett Conrad High School in Dallas.

    Dallas Fire-Rescue hazmat team was called to Emmett Conrad High School Wednesday afternoon to investigate a possible chemical exposure that turned out to be a harmless extract.

    According to DFR's Jason Evans, firefighters were called to the school at about 3 p.m. after a balloon containing some kind of chemical busted inside the school.

    DFR's hazmat team was dispatched to the scene to investigate and learned that the balloon had been filled with peppermint extract and dropped on the floor.  

    The peppermint extract, Evans said in an email, had a strong odor that led to somewhat of a scare and the call to 911.

    Just after 4 p.m., emergency responders cleared the scene and left the campus.  There were no reports of any injuries, though one student was transported to Medical City Dallas at the insistence of a parent.