"The Apprentice": Who Got Canned Last Night?

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    Mark McGrath has been fired. Gary Busey lives to ramble another day.

    To anyone who finds themselves asking, "How does Busey survive week after week?" we counter-wonder, "How do you still not know how this works?"

    Rather than kill the goose that lays television (and YouTube) gold, "The Celebrity Apprentice" gave the heave-ho to singer and TV host McGrath last night, after the former Sugar Ray frontman failed as team leader for a project involving marketing a sunscreen.

    McGrath, of course, was asked to manage both Busey and the notoriously hot-headed Meatloaf, so he certainly had his hands full.

    Host Donald Trump was pretty cut-and-dried about his reasons for ousting McGrath.

    "You're project manager and you picked the theme," Trump told McGrath. "[The clients] didn't like the theme. Mark, you're fired."

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