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Tom Cruise's "Jack Reacher" Trailer Loaded With Broken Bones

A little something to help you forget about "Rock of Ages"

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    Tom Cruise stars as Jack Reacher, in this adaptation of Lee Child's novel "One Shot," about an ex-Army cop called on to find the shooter behind senseless massacre that left five people dead, and the wrong man in jail. Co-stars Rosamund Pike, opens Dec. 21. (Published Tuesday, July 3, 2012)

    Tom Cruise was easily the best thing about the recent shipwreck known as "Rock of Ages," but now comes a palette cleanser, the trailer for his next film, "Jack Reacher."

    Based on the Lee Childs novel "One Shot," the film stars Cruise in the title role (natch), an ex-army cop who is called in to find the sniper whose murderous rampage left five dead and the wrong man under arrest.

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    You wouldn't know any of this from watching the new clip, however. All the teaser gives us is a guy in a hospital bed bemoaning Reacher's badassedness, and Reacher driving around in a turbo SS and beating bad guys into submission.

    The film was written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie, who previously worked with Cruise on "Valkyrie," and boasts a pretty sweet supposition cast that includes Rosamund Pike, Werner Herzog, Robert Duvall and David Oyelowo.

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    "Jack Reacher" opens Dec. 21. With any luck the Holmes/Cruise nonsense will be behind us by then.