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WATCH: Hugh Jackman, Jimmy Fallon Face Off in Memorial Day-Themed "Cooler Scooter" Race

As you can see below, Jackman had some strong words for Fallon before the competition.



    (Published Thursday, May 22, 2014)

    Hugh Jackman and Jimmy Fallon raced around "The Tonight Show" halls on some high-speed cooler scooters while dodging a Memorial Day parade crowd.

    But first, Fallon talked about the news that the "X-Men: Days of Future Past" star will host the Tony Awards for a fourth time.

    "Out of all the awards shows, I love that [one] because people actually perform what they are nominated for," Fallon said.

    "It's like the greatest hits of Broadway. So if you can't get to every show, which is pretty much everyone, just watch the Tonys," Jackman said.

    Then, Fallon brought up Jackman's recent cover of Men's Fitness.

    "The photographer said straighten out cause we can get the triceps but now I'm embarrassed because no one stands like that," Jackman said.

    Fallon pointed out that the headline for Jackman's article was "Ripped," while Fallon's said, "Burn Fat."

    Fallon also showed a picture the actor tweeted last year, showing him lifting a 460-pound weight.

    At the end of the interview, Jackman explained that the new X-Men movie incorporates a lot of Marvel characters because mutants in the present are on the edge of extinction, so his character Wolverine has to go into the past and alter the future. He meets many fan favorites in his journey.

    Finally, Fallon and Jackman faced off in a wild "Cooler Scooter" race. Before the competition, Jackman had some strong words for Fallon.

    Jackman looked determined as he zipped through the Memorial Day themed race that included a man barbecuing, a baton twirler, and a kid vomiting from eating too much candy.

    Watch the race above. You can also watch part of Jackman's interview below.