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Whitney Houston On When She's Going To Tour & Being A Mom To Bobbi Kristina



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    Fans of Whitney Houston may have to wait a little longer for the superstar singer to hit the road.

    Fans of Whitney Houston may have to wait a little longer for the superstar singer to hit the road.

    She told InStyle's January 2010 issue that a tour wouldn't come until she is ready.

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    "That's going to be an at-my-pace kind of thing because I like to do things the real way," Whitney told the mag. "I have a live band onstage. My background singers are for real. My vocals are for real. I limit the computerization. So my goal is to have people come to a show and say, 'Wow.' And it's not like I'm going to be everywhere. It's going to be like, 'Here I am. Come on out and see me if you can."

    Whitney, who recently released her return album, "I Look To You," wasn't always planning to come back. In fact, Whitney wasn't planning to come back at all.

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    "I had really decided that I was not going to return. I was going to be mother to my kid, just be normal," Whitney said. "I had had enough of the fame, the fortune. I had the marriage, I had my experiences, put them in my back pocket, and just wanted to keep it moving."

    But, as the story goes, her longtime industry guide, Clive Davis, brought her back into the fold.

    And as for being back, Whitney said it's a perfect fit.

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    "It's nice to have the excitement of coming back into an industry that I'd been in for so many years. It's like driving: I haven't driven a car in a while because I get driven around," she laughed. "But when I actually get behind a wheel again, it's like, 'OK, I know how to do this.'"

    And Whitney also opened up further to the mag about her daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

    When asked what mother and daughter share, Whitney said it's a lot of things.

    "It's funny because her body is mine, her skin color is mine, but she says exactly what's on her mind, so she's like her father in that manner. These kids, man, they come out and just let you know right off. But I think it's a very important thing to allow our children to express themselves so it won't be expressed in other areas, like on the street," Whitney said. "If she's angry, I allow her to say, 'Damn! I'm so frustrated today!' We have our moments when we clash, but we have a good relationship. I want her to count on me to try to understand what she's going through. No damnation, no condemnation, nothing that's going to make her feel like she can't come to me."

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