Kate Gosselin Is "Old Lady Who Lived in the Shoe": Lawyer

The couple continues to argue over money

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    It looks like it's more money, more problems for the warring Gosselins.

    A lawyer for Jon Gosselin called the ex-reality TV dad's estranged wife Kate "the old lady who lived in the shoe" and said her no-show in court was a result of her failure to fulfill her obligations.

    Mark Heller, an attorney for Jon, said his client had repaid the money the octodad had removed from a joint bank account he shared with his soon-to-be ex but Kate had yet to return the $33,000 she had taken from the bank.

    "Jon Gosselin has met all of the obligations he was required to make," Heller said outside a Pennsylvania courthouse today. "The obligations that Kate Gosselin has were not fulfilled. Maybe that explains why she didn't appear in court today." 

    Kate's attorney said in a statement that she had, in fact, met all the conditions required by the judge.

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    [PHI] Jon's Attorney Insults Kate With Nursery Rhyme
    When Kate doesn't come to court, Jon's attorney compares her to the Lady Who Lived in a Shoe. Jon says Kate needs to account for $33,000 missing from the couple's account. Kate, who was at a book-signing event, was represented by her attorney.

    "Ms. Gosselin, who was directed by the court to provide an accounting by today's date, did in fact provide a full and complete accounting of funds prior to today, and in light of that compliance she was not required to be at today's proceeding," Schnader Harrison Segan & Lewis LLP said in a statement. 

    But Jon wasn't buying it.

    "I'm a little shocked," he said. "She keeps avoiding and avoiding, I guess that is the Kate Gosselin way." 

    The divorcing couple took their bitter battle back to court today to see whether a judge will begin contempt proceedings against either of the "Jon & Kate Plus 8" stars for failing to pay back the money they removed from a joint bank account in time for today's deadline.

    Jon appeared before the judge but Kate, who was at a California women's leadership conference with Maria Shriver, did not.