Cops Won't Rule Out Fake Break-in at Gosselin Pad

"I know there are some allegations about whether or not it was staged. The detectives are looking at this incident," the city's top cop said

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    Detectives are probing whether the break-in at reality TV dad Jon Gosselin's Upper West Side bachelor pad last week may have been staged, cops said yesterday.

    Investigators are looking into a number of claims including that the alleged burglary of the "Jon & Kate Plus 8" star's New York City apartment was staged by ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman as a publicity stunt, city police commisioner Raymond Kelly said yesterday.

    "The investigation is going forward," Kelly said, according to the New York Daily News. "I know there are some allegations about whether or not it was staged. The detectives are looking at this incident." 

    Glassman has denied she ransacked the W. 72nd St. digs that she shared with the octodad until last week and lawyers for the 22-year old claimed she had been set up.

    "We are not denying she took her belongings out of the apartment," her lawyer, Stephanie Ovadia, said to

    Gosselin returned to his apartment Saturday after spending the holidays in Pennsylvania with his eight children to find the flat had been trashed. His television, CD player, a Nintendo Wii game and kitchen items were allegedly swiped from the apartment. Clothing, bedding and furnishings had apparently been slashed with a butcher knife, Gosselin's attorney Mark Heller said. 

    A butcher knife also "speared" a note to the "Jon & Kate Plus 8" star's wooden dresser, Heller said. The note allegedly called Gosselin a “cheater” and was signed by someone who used Glassman’s name, TMZ reported.

    "The greatest damage from this vicious, mean spirited and heartless crime was perpetrated not on Jon’s property and possessions, but on Jon Gosselin himself, who experienced a traumatic, emotional, roller coast ride having just shared a joyful family gathering with his children during their Christmas," Heller said in a statement to the press.