Chuck Norris Didn't Turn 70, 70 Turned Chuck Norris

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    When told he turned 70, actor Chuck Norris round-house kicked Father Time in the face.

    That's right, the man behind Cordell Walker, a.k.a. "Walker, Texas Ranger," the Dallas-Fort Worth-based member of the Texas Rangers, has turned 70 years old.  Or, did 70 turn Chuck Norris?

    The martial artist, actor and Total Gym guru was born in Ryan, Okla., on March 10, 1940. We're pretty sure the world stopped spinning on that day.

    So to pay homage to his greatness ... we ask you, what's your favorite Chuck Norris fact? Add it, or all of them, to the comments section below.

    If you aren't sure what we're talking about, click here.  After all, you may learn something ... such as the fact that Chuck Norris is so tough his tears cure cancer.