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Susan Boyle Finally Plucks Her Eyebrows!




    Say it ain't so, Susan!
    Singing sensation Susan Boyle -- whose dowdy image contrasted so greatly with her angelic voice that she became an instant Internet celebrity -- has gone in for a makeover.

      Boyle, 47, had her graying, frizzy hair dyed chestnut brown and styled in what The Sun tabloid says was a 35-pound ($50) makeover. And instead of the old-fashioned dress she wore on the TV show "Britain's Got Talent," the Scottish singer was photographed wearing a stylish black leather jacket with what looked to be a Burberry scarf.
    Asked if she would change her looks on CNN's Larry King Live, Boyle replied "Why should I change?"
    Judges of "Britain's Got Talent" will decide whether Boyle gets through to the next round on May 23.

    What the El!?! Editorial:

    That's all I wanted for this woman was for her to find tweezers or a weed whacker.

    She looks dramatically different--- take a look CLICK HERE.

    (Associated Press)