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Susan Boyle Finally Plucks Her Eyebrows!



    Susan Boyle, who's performance on the television show "Britain's Got Talent" wowed the judges, gives the thumbs up at her home in Blackburn, Scotland, Thursday April 16, 2009. The frumpy 47-year-old, who says she's never been kissed, has gained celebrity fans and millions of admirers - including a fair number of men - since appearing on the show. Her fame has been fueled by new technology, with a clip of her performance viewed more than 12 million times on YouTube.

    Say it ain't so, Susan!
    Singing sensation Susan Boyle -- whose dowdy image contrasted so greatly with her angelic voice that she became an instant Internet celebrity -- has gone in for a makeover.

      Boyle, 47, had her graying, frizzy hair dyed chestnut brown and styled in what The Sun tabloid says was a 35-pound ($50) makeover. And instead of the old-fashioned dress she wore on the TV show "Britain's Got Talent," the Scottish singer was photographed wearing a stylish black leather jacket with what looked to be a Burberry scarf.
    Asked if she would change her looks on CNN's Larry King Live, Boyle replied "Why should I change?"
    Judges of "Britain's Got Talent" will decide whether Boyle gets through to the next round on May 23.

    What the El!?! Editorial:

    That's all I wanted for this woman was for her to find tweezers or a weed whacker.

    She looks dramatically different--- take a look CLICK HERE.

    (Associated Press)