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Move Over T.O. A-Rod Loves Him Some Him



    Nearly two weeks after news broke of Alex Rodriguez' steroid use, Major League Baseball says they would like to talk to him.

    Terrell Owens could learn a thing or two from Alex Rodriguez, not about steroids, instead about self love.

    A-Rod takes "I love me some me" a little further than T.O. in the latest issue of Details magazine.

    The magazine did a photo shoot for an article it's running called "Alex Rodriguez: Confessions of a Damned Yankee."

    In the nine photos posted on Details' Web site, A-Rod is seen kissing himself in a mirror, doing heel stretches while looking in the mirror, staring at himself longingly in a mirror while hiking his tank top up to expose his abs.

    The photos and accompanying interview were done before A-Rod's steroid scandal broke.

    What the El!?! Editorial:

    I used to be a big A-Rod fan, but after he left the Seattle Mariners I lost interest. Something changed about him, maybe it was the roids.

    All I know is, A-Rod has to be kicking himself over these photos.

    While I know they're supposed to be artistic, and I'm not knocking the photographer, I don't get the lone mattress on the floor of a empty space with a tire laying around. I don't get it.

    And I wonder what he was thinking as he loved himself in the mirror. I guess you have to trust the photographer, but if it doesn't feel right would you still do it? Maybe it did feel right to A-Rod?