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Is Robert Pattinson The Sexiest, Really?



    Robert Pattinson is handsome, according to Vanity Fair readers voting in an online poll.

    Pattinson currently holds 54 percent of the vote in the #1 Most Handsome Man in the World poll.

    Brad Pitt is second with 13 percent of the vote, and Johnny Depp has 8 percent.

    More than 175-thousand votes  have been registered, with Pattinson taking more than 113,500.

    What the El!?! Editorial:

    Hurry people! There's still time to rob him of the title!! Brad needs just 87,187 votes to catch him!  I'm fine with Clive Owen winning it.

    Honestly I don't get it AT ALL. What makes Pattinsons so hot? He looks like he needs a bath to me!

    GO VOTE!!!