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Britney Stomps Off Smoky Stage



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    Brit walked off stage just an hour into her set Wednesday night when it became "uncomfortable and unsafe for the performers" because the arena was filled with smoke.

    The new and improved Britney Spears apparently isn't a fan of cigarette smoke -- or any other kind of smoke, for that matter -- while she's performing.
    The 27-year-old pop star left the stage for about 30 minutes during a concert in Vancouver on Wednesday night, apparently because of smoke in the audience.
    According to The Vancouver Sun, Spears' concert was halted about 15 minutes into her performance, and an announcer told concertgoers to put out their cigarettes.

    Some audience members grew impatient while waiting for Spears and her troupe to return to the stage, the Sun reported.
    After she returned and ended the show, Spears -- who has been to rehab and is on the comeback trail after a long stretch of troubles -- told the crowd, "Don't smoke weed."
    Spears' publicist, Holly Shakoor, issued a statement apologizing to fans about the delay. The statement said "crew members above the stage became ill due to a ventilation issue."

    What the El!?! Editorial:

    She better not have been complaining about cigarette smoke since she smokes!

    I don't think they really got mad about the delay until the weed comment. Then according to People.com she signed-off with a string of expletives and a warning to "drive safe."

    You can't accuse everyone in Vancouver of smoking pot.

    Apparently Tacoma is saying its ready for BritBrit, the director of the Tacoma Dome says there's no smoking inside the dome and air handlers and ventilation systems there have handled other concerts with heavy pyrotechnics.

    (Associated Press)