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The Sound of Silence

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The Sound of Silence

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DREAM MACHINE:  Doubtless you’ve heard by now that, as a society, we’re woefully sleep-deprived.  Maybe you’ve even pledged to do something about it this year.  The Tranquil Moments Sleep Sound Therapy System may help you achieve your restful resolution, and it’s as easy as pushing a button.  Lull yourself into a state of relaxation with the sound of ocean surf, or slip into a deep sleep with the soothing patter of rain in the background.  Sounds kinda nice, right?  As an added bonus, there’s even a setting that claims to promote “concentration and peak performance”, which would maybe be a little better than your usual 3 p.m. quadruple latte.  GET IT:  $129.95 from Brookstone; click here for more information.

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