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Hello, Mr. Coffee

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Hello, Mr. Coffee

Fred and Friends

Hello, Mr. Coffee: Put a face on your inanimate friends with these reusable stickers.

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HELLO, MR. COFFEE: If you've been caught talking the copier through a paper jam ("Everything's okay. You're doing great. Now, PUSH!") or maybe cooing at your coffee cup ("Ah, there you are, you little rascal! Why are you hiding behind the ice cream bowls?"), then these Inanimate Character Stickers will be right up your alley. Stick eyes, noses, and mouths on anything with these reusable, cartoony tools to anthropomorphize anything from your sugar bowl to your bosses' stapler. ("I'm the head honcho's stapler. I only staple important documents," it exclaims). GET IT: $3.99, PerptualKid.com

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