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Wait, is There Something Wrong With Jeff Banister's Cap?



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    What do you see? Straight cap?

    I’m weird. Cynical. At times, yes, extremely annoying.

    But I’m not going crazy.

    What I thought I saw Sunday I noticed again last night. It wasn’t more bad base-running by the Rangers. Or another pristine pitching performance wasted. Or a gut-wrenching loss in Toronto.

    It’s, um, manager Jeff Banister’s cap. It’s – how shall I say this – crooked?

    Not gotch-eyed in the fashion of reliever Fernando Rodney or anything. Not in the way he wears it. It’s the bold Texas “T” on Banister’s blue cap. It’s misaligned. Askew. Down right wonky. If you’re looking at him, it leans to the right. It’s way noticeable. At least to me.

    And, apparently, others.

    After I tweeted the observation Sunday a couple of followers agreed with me. One guy even told me there are “a lot” of caps in the Rangers’ pro shop that also feature the crooked T. I thought nothing of it. But there it was again last night, the manager of a Major League Baseball team wearing a cap that looks like it was hurriedly stitched together and sold out a dime store.

    What gives?

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    I mean, how has no one pointed this out to Banister? Is it a glitch from the factory? Or, maybe he custom-ordered it that way? Could it be a subtle superstition?

    Don't know if his red cap is the same, but I'll be on the lookout now.

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    There are obviously bigger problems in this world and on this team. But I dare you to watch Banister’s next interview and not be totally distracted by his quirky blue cap.

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