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The Cobra? Rangers' New Gesture Stumps Fans

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Rangers' New Hand Gesture Stumps Fans

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Nelson Cruz reacts after hitting a double in the second inning of Game 6.

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The Texas Rangers have a new hand gesture to replace last year's Claw and Antlers, but fans are left guessing at its name and its meaning.

Some call it "The Cobra" -- a powerful and scary snake. But others insist it looks more like a duck.

Ask the players about it, and it's hard to get a straight answer.

"What sign?" Rangers catcher Yorvit Torrealba said in a recent interview.

"Oh, this one?" he said when prompted, demonstrating it by holding his hand on his elbow, with the other hand in the air at a right angle.

Torrealba said several players came up with the new gesture.

"It actually started in the dugout," he said. "A couple of guys were like, 'Now we're going to do this.'"

But what does it mean?

"Let's say, 'We got them. OK, we did something good,'" Torrealba said.

But if there's a name for it, the Rangers aren't saying.

Fans are left to come up with their own name.

"The Cobra" seems to have caught on -- someone even started a Facebook fan page for it.

"If that's what makes them win, then keep doing it," said one fan watching Wednesday night's game at a Fort Worth nightspot. "Everybody do it. Come on."

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