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Speak Now Or Hush Later

Laying Out Predictions for the 2012 Season

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Speak Now Or Hush Later

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Koji Uehara (left) and the Texas Rangers are spraying bubbly here after defeating the Detroit Tigers in the ALCS -- but you probably didn't know they took off their game spikes so they wouldn't get ruined beforehand, something they've taken to doing in connection with their "beer showers."

Some friends and I have done this every year for quite some time. Here's the idea, just pick the order of finish in each MLB division along with some postseason awards and some off-the-wall categories, and there you have it, your MLB predictions.

It's always fun to take a look back in October to see who's the smartest. It can also be depressing to look back three days after the season starts like last season when I picked Manny Ramirez as my AL Comeback Player of the Year. Oops.

Here goes nothing:

NL WEST- Giants, D-Backs, Dodgers, Rockies, Padres
NL CENTRAL- Reds, Cardinals, Brewers, Pirates, Cubs, Astros
NL EAST- Phillies, Nationals, Braves, Marlins, Mets
AL WEST- Rangers, Angels, Mariners, Athletics
AL CENTRAL- Tigers, Indians, Royals, Twins, White Sox
AL EAST- Yankees, Rays, Red Sox, Blue Jays, Orioles

Wildcard Winners
NL- D-Backs over Cardinals
AL- Angels over Rays

Playoff Predictions:
NL Divisional- Giants over Reds
NL Divisional- Phillies over D-Backs
AL Divisional- Rangers over Tigers
AL Divisional- Yankees over Angels
NLCS- Phillies over Giants
ALCS- Rangers over Yankees
World Series- Rangers over Phillies

Postseason Awards
NL MVP- Joey Votto
AL MVP- Ian Kinsler
NL Cy Young- Clayton Kershaw
AL Cy Young- Justin Verlander
NL ROY- Bryce Harper
AL ROY- Matt Moore
NL Manager of Year- Dusty Baker
AL Manager of Year- Ron Washington
NL Comeback Player- Buster Posey
AL Comeback Player- Kendrys Morales

Misc. Predictions
First Manager to get fired- Bobby Valentine
Biggest name to be traded- Alfonso Soriano
Player with most HRs- Joey Bautista
Someone linked to steroids for first time - Albert Pujols
First pitcher to require Tommy John surgery -- Luke Hochevar
Most wins at All-Star break – Tigers
AL All-star game starter – CC Sabathia
NL All-star game starter- Roy Halladay
Closer with most saves -- Brian Wilson
First team to clinch playoff spot- Tigers
How many wins for Mets – 57
BOLD PREDICTION: Not sure if this qualifies as bold, but I'll say Ichiro hits under .280 again.

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