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Robin Ventura on Brawl With Nolan Ryan: "It's Not Like I Haven't Seen It Before"

Ventura, of course, was handed a beating after charging the mound on Ryan in 1993




    Around a month ago, the Texas Rangers announced that they wouldn’t be showing the video of the then-46-year-old Texas Rangers’ pitcher (now Texas Rangers’ president) Nolan Ryan beating the tar out of the then-26-year-old Robin Ventura (now White Sox manager) in a scrape that happened in 1993, on Opening Day when the Rangers and White Sox open up the regular season.

    And they won’t.

    But if they wanted to, Ventura wouldn’t mind much.

    It's not like I haven't seen it,” Ventura said, per ESPN Dallas. “It's up to them. They can play it if they want. It's not going to change any decision I make or anything else I do.”

    Ventura contends that on Opening Day, he’ll be more focused on what his players do than what Ryan did to him--namely, lay a beat-down on him--almost 20 years ago.

    “I’m not playing, so to me they can get all hyped on it all they want,” Ventura said. “It’s happened before. I’m concerned more about what my guys are doing and how we play than I’m worried about if I get booed.”