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MLB Team Values Released

The Rangers check in at No. 8



Every year, Forbes magazine releases the MLB team value rankings from No. 1 all the way to the bottom of the barrell at No. 30.

For the year 2012, the Texas Rangers checked in at No. 8 with the top-5, in order, being:

1. New York Yankees:$2.3 billion

2. Los Angeles Dodgers:$1.61 billion

3. Boston Red Sox: $1.31 billion

4. Chicago Cubs: $1 billion

5. Philadelphia Phillies: $893 million

The sixth and seventh spots belong to the New York Mets and the World Series champion San Francisco Giants, respectively, with the Rangers checking in at No. 8 with a value of $764 million, a couple-hundred million more than the Nolan Ryan ownership group bought the for just a few years back, taking them from bankruptcy. The Los Angeles Angels and St. Louis Cardinals wrapped up the top 10.

Checking in at No. 30? The Tampa Bay Rays at $451 million despite consistently being one of the top young teams in baseball and basically a perennial playoff team in arguably baseball's best division.