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Holland to Longoria: "Does It Look Like I'm Throwing Beach Balls To You Or What?"

The Rays' Evan Longoria has hit a home run off Derek Holland each time he's seen him in 2012




    The Rays’ Evan Longoria entered last weekend’s series opener with the Rangers 8-for-19 against Derek Holland, the Texas starter on Friday night, with two home runs. Longoria managed just one hit off Holland in what would be an extra inning loss for Texas, but he made it count, as it would be his second homer off Holland in 2012 and his third off the man they call Dutch for his career.

    Holland told the guys at ESPN Radio 103.3’s “Ben & Skin Show” this week that this latest round-tripper prompted him to approach Longoria on Saturday, to give the Rays’ third baseman some good-natured grief about his penchant for taking him deep.

    “I joked around with him the next day,” Holland said, via the Dallas Morning News. “I was like, ‘Does it look like I’m throwing beach balls to you or what?’ He was actually pretty cool about it. He was funny. He was like, ‘Yeah, it’s funny. You let me do that and then you made me look like a fool the next at bat.’ And I was like, ‘Hey, I mean, I’m just trying to get you out and you’re teeing off on me, so it goes both ways I guess.’”